Breeding info

As per the first general assembly in February 2013, TOPnl has etablished breeding rules, in Dutch language known as ”Verenigingsfokreglement” (VFR) It was approved by the Dutch Kennel Club some time later.
Breeders who have joined TOPnl believe that health, character and the socialization of the puppies is very important. Their dogs do not live in kennels or outside in the backyard,  but in their  own home, where the puppies also are born and raised. Within their knowledge they are making every effort to breed Polish Tatra Shepherd Dogs in accordance with – and preserve it as it is written down in the breed standard.

The breeders make their own choices with regard to the combinations for breeding. TOPnl only provides information about upcoming or born litters and gives info about studdogs. We do not act as intermediaries between breeders and candidate puppy owners. You may contact the breeder or studdog owner directly. A breeder is and remains responsible for the puppies bred by him. All litters listed on our web site meet our breeding regulations.

Actual information about puppies, breeders and studdogs you’ll find on the respective pages.
Do you plan to breed a litter with your female dog, or maybe you consider to put your dog as a stud dog? You can ask us about what is required and which steps need to be taken. We are happy to be of assistance!
If you have plans to breed with your female dog or have thoughts to breed with your male dog? Please inform about the steps need to be taken and the requirements. We surely like to help!