Pup information

The following announcements comply with the regulations and requirements set out in our breeding rules.
Litters born outside the Netherlands meet the requirements of the country where the breeder lives. The puppies will be registered in the (FCI) studbook of the country of birth.

Momenteel zijn er geen pups
Derzeit gibt es keine Welpen
Currently, there are no puppies
Pups verwacht - Welpen erwartet - Puppies expected
Dekdatum - Belegdatum - Breeding date:

Pups verwacht - Welpen erwartet - Puppies expected:
Juli 2024
Moeder - Mutter - Female:

KOCHANA GOSKA Bialy Domownik
HD-A, ED 0/0, OCD vrij
Vader - Vater - Male:

OBYWATEL Zagubione Marzenia
HD-A, ED 0/0, Ogen niet aangetast

Stamboom van de pups - Ahnentafel Welpen - Pedigree of the pups
Fokker - Züchter - Breeder:
Claudia Sinnebrink
Castrop-Rauxel (DE)