Why do we have breeding rules?


What are Club Breeding Rules? (CBR)
The club breeding rules are rules that each Dutch breed club, TOPnl as well, has issued for their own race, according to a framework from the Dutch Kennelclub. The CBR consists of several components that are listed in a fixed order. The CBR is approved by the members of TOPnl (on our general assembly) and then submitted to the Dutch Kennelclub for approval as well.

What is the assessment of the Dutch Kennelclub?
They check if the CBR is prepared in accordance with the mandatory format (framework). In addition the CBR may not conflict with the Kennel Club Rules (KR). No substantive control takes place. They do not verify if all relevant conditions regarding the Tatradog are mentioned.

Why CBR?
All breed clubs in the Netherlands, TOPnl as well, wants to secure the health of their breed as much as possible. To ensure this, breeding rules are issued. It describes how to breed good and also other factors which have to be taken into account.

What’s in the CBR?
The CBR consists of several components. Listed are: breeding, welfare, health, character, exterior rules and agreements on the transfer of puppies to their new owners. Furthermore, TOPnl can add extra items to focus the breeding better on the Tatra Shepherd Dog and members of TOPnl. It is possible that there are applied annually changes to the CBR.
If the KR is changed on points relating to our CBR, they will be fully taken over.

Who should adhere to the CBR and who will check if the rules are followed?
All members and breeders who are member of TOPnl should adhere to the CBR drawn. Our Commission for Health, Welfare and Breeding checks for compliance and ensures enforcement.
In case of violations of the rules of the KR, the Dutch Kennelclub takes disciplinary action.

What’s the importance of the CBR and what is the benefit for the customer?
Dog breeding requires policies, a vision and consultation. The latter is within TOPnl a few times a year. Partly because of these meetings members and breeders remain and keep (each other) informed and learn about the development within the breed. By buying a pup from a breeder who is affiliated to TOPnl, you can be sure that there is extra attention for welfare, health, character and exterior and that the transfer of the pups to the new owners pace with the requirements of the CBR.

Does this affect the price of a puppy?
The price for a puppy is determined by the national trend in the Netherlands and currently amounts to € 1350,00.
Together with the sales contract you will receive all the documents relating to the puppy showing that the breeder to his/her knowledge made every effort to breed a healthy as possible Tatradog. The information he/she shares regarding the breed is honest. Of course all breeders affiliated to TOPnl will provide all possible after-care as well.

Source: Dutch Kennel Club