The website is dedicated to a database of the Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog. The database is a personal and entirely independent initiative of Wilma de Brabander. Only Tatra Shepherd Dogs for which a pedigree has been issued and / are officially registered, are included in the database.

The button “database” will take you to a page where you can search by name or partial name of a Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog. This way you can see if your own dog (s) are listed and whether the details are correct. You can retrieve multiple generations and for example you can create test pedigrees. On the website are displayed only data relating to the origin or bloodlines of the dogs. Information about the breeder / owner, data relating to the health of the dogs are not public and are not displayed on the website.

However, without the help of others it is almost impossible to expand the database again and again and keep it up-to-date. Thus, if you find data that are incorrect? Are you in possession of pedigrees, both old and new, foreign and domestic, have  maybe old catalogs of dog shows or clubshows?  Found on the web links to such data? Pass it on! Also, information on health is very welcome, as well as a date and cause of death of a Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog. This information will be treated confidentially and used only if to the benefit of the breed and for breeding matters.

Send a message to if you have any additional information.

Thank you very much in advance!