Breed standard

Polski Owczarek Podhalanski
FCI group 1
Sheepdogs and Cattledogs except Swiss Cattledogs

Breed Standard
FCI number 252
Section 1

This beautiful mountain dog originates from the Tatra Mountains stretching from Poland to Slovakia. Until this day they are still used as livestock guardians for flocks of sheep. Increasingly these dogs are kept just as protector of property and home. As with all white mountain dogs, the shepherd could distinguish the dog from predators which beleaguered cattle by night by his white coat.

General appearance
A large, sturdy, strong muscled dog that is rectangular in shape; females are slightly longer than males. He gives the impression of stamina and mobility, with a serious look.

Wither height
males 65 – 70 cm; females 60 – 65 cm

45 – 69 kg

The neck and the body are covered with long, thick, straight or slightly wavy hair, hard to the touch. Undercoat profuse, tailhair also profuse forming a flag. The Tatradog is uniformly white,  cream colored patches are undesirable.

Lifestock guardian, protection.

No breed-specific problems known; hipdysplasia occasionally.

Calm, in control, intelligent, courageous, receptive, independent, very reluctant to strangers, affectionate to his family, very alert.
Because of its independent character a Tatradog should be educated consistently; he shall be very loyal and protective for people, children and animals for whom he feels responsible.

Regular combing and brushing.