Sunday, 19 September 2021 – Championship Clubmatch 2020 and 2021 !!!

The deadline to register for our event on 19 September is over!

Hence, our programme for this day is known:
(approximate times)

  • 08.30 h – Reception of the participants
  • 09.20 h – Welcoming and a short demonstration
  • 09.30 h – Start of judging for Championship Clubmatch 2020  by Mrs. Coby van Kessel
  • 11.55 h – Handing out of judging reports and certificates
  • 12.00 h – Pauze and lunch
  • 12.50 h – Welcoming of the participants in the afternoon programme and short demonstration
  • 13.00 h – Start of judging for the Championship Clubmatch 2021  by Mrs. Katja Jasica
  • 16.00 h – Handing out of judging reports, certificates and goodiebags
  • 16.15 h – End programme

We will inform participants, ring staff and volunteers via email around 12 September.

The Championship Clubmatch is made possible by:

COVID-19 protocol for 19 September 2021.
According to the current regulations, there will be no corona check on entry. This is not necessary as it is a one-day outdoor event with enough space to ensure the desired distance of 1.5 metres between people. However, it is everyone’s responsibility to comply with the Corona rules.
We ask visitors to register in advance via our website or, if this has not been done, to register at the entrance using the form we provide on request. This data will be stored for 14 days.
We carry out this registration so that we can inform you if any of the participants are found to have corona contamination.

There are no food options on the premises, however, during the day we will be providing free coffee and tea. In the afternoon, this will be supplemented by non-alcoholic drinks.
For exhibitors and visitors we offer the possibility to order a lunch box from us. This will be filled with two buns, a piece of fruit, dairy products, a savoury and a sweet side dish. You can choose from a small selection menu to put the lunch together. The cost per lunchbox is € 5.00 per person for TOPnl members and € 6.00 per person for non-members.
If you wish to use this service, you need to register in advance as a visitor via our website. These lunchboxes can be ordered until 12 September latest.

If you have any questions, please contact at:

Our host for this TOP-event:

HSV De Nevelhorst
Baarleweg 8,

We hope to see you on 19 September!