Come and walk with us on 14 November in the Kuinder forest.

Finally, after more than 1½ years, we can organise a collective walking tour again! Contrary to previous postings, we will not be walking on the North Sea beach, but this time we have chosen the Kuinder forest in Luttelgeest. (Click here)

In the south-eastern part of the Kuinder forest, your dog is allowed to walk off-leash. A ‘wet-noses’ trail has also been set out here. This trail leads alongside a large playground with a small lake for pets to swim in. The remaining part of the forest, dogs are welcome when kept on a leash. Because of the length of the wet-noses route, we can also choose to walk partly through the area where dogs must be kept on a leash. We shall discuss what to choose together with the participants.

On Sunday, November 14, 2021 we gather at 11.30 hrs on the parkinglot located Schansweg (between house number 4 and 9), 8315 RG, Luttelgeest
From A6 exit 16 Bant Luttelgeest, at roundabout Kuinderweg direction Kuinre, 1st road left Schansweg.
Of course, as is customary, we will provide a nice cup of coffee or tea with something tasty on arrival!
Starting from the parking lot, we follow the specified trail for a nice walk.

Unfortunately, there are no catering facilities in the vicinity. After the walk, we will have a small snack prepared for everyone before heading back home. However, we kindly ask you to notify us in advance at or fill in the form below if you would like to join us. This can be done until Friday November 12, 2021.

Perhaps needless to mention but both our members and people who are not a member of TOPnl, are welcome to walk with us. Do you want to get to know the Tatra dog or us? Feel free to come along!