TOPnl is committed to create a positive overall view of the Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog. We do this through various activities such as attending dog related events, or organize them ourselves, including exhibitions, meetings and walking tours. Lovers of the breed and those interested are always welcome and we shall answer to all your questions the best we can do. Everyone is welcome, but we would like to know in advance how many people and dogs, we must take into account. Thus, briefly sign up by mail to and we know you’re coming!

Agenda 2022 (subject to changes and Covid-19 measures):

  • Sunday 13 November – Autumn walk in Broek op Langedijk

Agenda 2023 (subject to changes and Covid-19 measures):

  • Sunday 12th Februari – Winter walk in one of the northern provinces
  • Sunday 16th April – Annual general meeting (Zoom-meeting)
  • Weekend 10/11th June – Tatra weekend with on Sunday theTatra-Springfest
  • Sunday 10th September- 10th TOPnl Championship Clubshow and Tatra TOP-show in Didam
  • Sunday 12th  November – Autumn walk (location to be decided)

On request or by opportunity, it may occur that we or one of our members will organise another walk in between.